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If you need after sales support for your antenna purchase please email our support team at with details of your enquiry.

If you need installation support for the MIMORAD antenna then you can visit the dedicated MIMORAD website which has lots of useful information and may answer your installation question.

We also have listed below some common support questions and their answers.

How can I see what mobile masts are available in my location?

You can use your mobile phone to check this or if you are going to install 4G antennas on a regular basic you can purchase a signal checker like the Dycon D2377 4G Signal Analyser which will tell you the available 3G and 4G networks in your location.

You could also get some PAYG SIM cards and test the service with a USB Dongle for each of the available networks – the strongest signal strength does not always mean the best 4G download and upload speeds.

You could also use a site called MAST DATA which will also provide general information about mobile base stations.