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FB4GDUAL 4G Antenna

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Fullband FB4GDUAL antenna comprises a single mag mount antenna base with two high gain 4G antennas and a 5m cable with two SMA Male connectors to connect to your 4G router.

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The Fullband FB4GDUAL antenna comprises a single magnetic mount base with two 7dBi Peak Gain antennas set at an angle to each other to provide optimum 4G performance.  This MIMO 4G Antenna covers all the 2G, 3G and 4G mobile network frequencies and is supplies with a 5m long cable that has two SMA Male connectors to connect to the majority of 4G routers that have a MAIN and AUX antenna connector for 4G.

The typical installation scenario for this antenna would be that your 4G router is installed where there is a poor 4G signal but you have a good 4G service close by – maybe the router is installed inside a metal data cabinet, so you would mount the antenna on top of the metal data cabinet (assuming that is where you have your 4G signal) and the cable runs to your 4G router.

If you just connect the FB4GDUAL antenna to your router and install it next to the router you will probably not see a benefit, this is because the antenna is picking up the same signal that your router could have picked up and now has to travel down 5m of cable.  This is why we recommend throughout this site that the antennas should be installed where there is a better signal than the location of your router.

The antenna will need to be mounted on a metal service for optimum performance.


2G – 900/1800
3G – 2100Mhz
4G – 800Mhz, 1800Mhz and 2600Mhz

Technical Specification

Frequency : 800-960 Mhz, 1710-21700Mhz and 2500-2700Mhz
Peak Gain : 7-11 dBi
Height : 300mm
Base Diameter : 80mm
Cable Length : 5m
Antenna Connector : Dual SMA Male


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