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4G Antennas

When considering purchasing a 4G antenna to use with your 4G router you should consider the purpose and use of your antenna to meet your demands. In many cases your 4G router will be supplied with Cellular 4G / LTE Antennas and these antennas will already have a dBm...

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4G MiMo Antenna

Many of the latest home and business 4G routers like the Huawei E5186 will use 4G MiMo antenna technology to provide optimum performance for 4G mobile broadband connectivity. MiMo stands for Multiple In Multiple Out which means that it uses several radio signals to...

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100GB 4G SIM Card

Many of our customers will purchase a 4G antenna to help stabilise and improve their 4G mobile broadband service and many of these customers are home or business users that rely on their 4G Internet service because they have made the switch from slow wired broadband...

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4G Speedtest

Many 4G Mobile Broadband Internet users will frequently carry out speed tests on their 4G connection and are usually disappointed with the results they get from their 4G router and decide that they will get a 4G Antenna to ‘boost’ their signal and improve their 4G...

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