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4G Antenna Store – 2G, 3G and 4G Antennas

Buy our best selling outdoor 4G antennas, the FULLBAND MIMORAD and FULLBAND FBXPMIMO for connection to your 4G router. A high gain 4G antenna may help to enhance your 4G mobile Broadband connection for rural 4G installations.

These high gain FULLBAND antennas cover the whole UK Mobile Phone network spectrum so if you don’t have 4G available they will also work with 3G and 2G services.

As well as rural 4G antennas, the MIMORAD and XPMIMO can be used for the majority of 3G and 4G router installations where you need to improve your mobile signal reception. Typically you would use and install a 4G antenna in a location where there is a stronger 4G signal and this stronger 4G mobile signal is delivered along the antenna cables to the 4G router which is installed where the signal strength is not as good making them ideal for all types of 4G router installation including homes, offices, construction site offices, static caravans, farms and other rural locations.

we also sell a variety of other 3G / 4G antennas for industrial M2M router installations with different installation requirements.

4G Antenna Store Quality Promise

The 4G Antenna Store makes these high quality mobile broadband 4G antennas available to everybody including individuals, homeowners, businesses and corporations alike and with our no quibble guarantee you can return your 4G Antenna within 7 days for a full refund.

All of our antennas are built to the highest quality and are ROHS certified.

Indoor 4G Antenna

Indoor 4G Antennas will usually be placed in a location where there is a good 4G signal, for example a window, and the antenna cable runs to the router which is in a location with a poor signal.

MiMO 4G Antenna

MiMo (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) is an antenna technology for mobile communications where multiple antennas are used at the mobile base station (transmitter) and the 4G router (receiver)…

Outdoor 4G Antenna

Our most popular 4G antennas like the MIMORAD and FBXPMIMO should ideally be used in an outdoor location where you have the base 4G mobile phone signal.  

Rural 4G Antenna

Our Rural 4G Antennas can assist your Rural 4G Internet solution by helping to receive the best possible mobile signal and deliver this to your 4G router. Whilst these antennas can help if you have a 4G signal they…

Antenna Extension Cables

Increase the length of your 4G antenna cable with these 5m, 10m and 20m long antenna extension cables. We recommend keeping the cable length as short as possible between antenna and router…

4G Singal Tester

If you regularly install 4G routers and 4G Antennas then the Dycon D2377 handheld 4G Signal may be a great tool to have to help work out which mobile network SIM card to use in your route…