MIMORAD 4G Antenna (Outdoor MiMo LTE Antenna)

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Fullband MIMORAD is our best selling outdoor 4G Antenna.  It is a MiMo 4G Antenna which means that there are 2 x 4G antennas in the housing and 2 x 5m antenna cables with SMA Male connectors to connect to the 2 x SMA Female antenna ports of your 4G router.  The benefit of using a MiMo 4G antenna like the MIMORAD is that you just have a single antenna that provides MIMO connectivity for your 4G Router.

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The Fullband MIMORAD antenna works with all global 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks, it can be used with many styles of routers, including those that have a MAIN and AUX antenna connections. It is fully IP67 rated, waterproof, and wind resistant to 120MPH.

It can be positioned indoors / outdoors, in the optimum position to capture the best 2G/3G/4G signal and deliver it to a connected device, its vertical beam width and ‘back to front’ ratio ensure that it will deliver the best performance at all times. The Fullband® MIMORAD® antenna is Omni-Directional, If you require a directional type, contact us for another product.

The nominal Gain of the Fullband® MIMORAD® antenna is 6dBi. It can be wall or pole mounted, dimensions are 70mm Diameter x 350mm High. It is supplied with fitting brackets and 2 x RG58 cables to SMA Male connectors.














MIMORAD Technical Specification


Polarisation Vertical
Frequency 800MHz – 960MHz / 1710MHz – 2600MHz
Peak Gain 6dBi
Power Handling 100w
Impedance 50 Ohm
Physical Characteristics

Radome Material PVC
Net Weight (including bracket) 1.49kg
Operational Temperature -40°c to +70°c
Protection IP67
Connector SMA Male
Cable Type RG58 White
Cable Length 2 x 5m


Generally, the higher the MIMORAD antenna is installed, the better the signal will be for you. Although this has to do with the size and quality of the antenna itself, it also has to do with terrain. If a home, office etc. is surrounded by tall trees in every direction, these trees will serve as an interference to the signal. The same goes for the home’s elevation. Being located on the top of a large hill or mountain might mean impeccable reception and a clear signal, but a location in a valley can be the opposite.  You can read more information about installing your MIMORAD antenna by reading the 4G antenna installation guide.

Your Fullband® MIMORAD®, is the latest & most up to date 4G LTE MIMO antenna available


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