FBXPMIMO Cross Polarized 4G Antenna

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The Fullband FBXPMIMO 4G antenna is an outdoor, high gain MiMo 4G Antenna.  The difference between this antenna and the normal MIMORAD MiMo antenna is that the dual antennas contained in the housing are cross polarized – this simply means that they are at an angle to each other.

This cross polarization can help improve the 4G MiMo signal reception becuase of the way that 4G signals are transmitted from the mobile basestation – they are transmitted at 45 degree angles.  By using the more expensive Cross Polarized antenna you are not going to improve your signal strength but will alter the way that the signal is received so this XP antenna might help to improve your data quality and throughput, however this may only be marginal.  The FBXPMIMO 4G Antenna is OMNI-DIRECTIONAL so it just needs to be located in a position where you receive the best 4G service and does not need to be pointed at the cell site.










This is one of our best selling and best performing outdoor Omni-Directional 3G / 4G Antenna – The antennas inside the weatherproof housing are at angles to each other to provide the optimum 4G performance.

This is an Outdoor 4G antenna for use with our range of 3G and 4G Routers. The FBXPMIMO is a Cross Polarised antenna offering superb performance when used with 4G Routers / 4G Networks. The unit comprises a robust antenna hosuing with pole mount bracket and is supplied with 2 x 5m long low loss cables with SMA Male connectors to suit connectivity to our range of routers.

These two antenna cables connect to the MAIN and AUX ports of your 4G router. This antenna is for use in an outdoor location and should be positioned in a location with a good network signal.

Fullband Cross Polarised Outdoor 4G Antenna – Omni Directional – 8dBi Peak Gain.

Frequency range 698-960/1710/1800-2600MHz
VSWR 3.0/2.5
Gain 8dBi/10dBiX2
E-plane 70°/60°
H-Plane 90°/50°
Max Power 100W
Polarization Vertical X2
Input impedance 50 Ohm

Mechanical parameter

Connector N female X2
RF cable assemble N male —SMA male 5 meter length X2
Cable type SFF50-3
dimension – 400X125X50(mm)
Rated wind velocity 60-m/s
lightning protecting Direct-Current grounding
Antenna radome ABS
Weight(kg) 2

Remember – this is not a booster antenna – it should be located in a position where you receive a far better signal than the router location. There is no point in purchasing this antenna is you have a similar signal indoors and outdoors. The typical use of this antenna would be if you had 2 bars indorrs and 4 bars outdoors – so you would then hope to achieve 3 bars signal.

likewise – 1 bar signal indoors and 3 bars outdoors should give you 2 bars – however if you have 2 bars indoors and 3 bars outdoors then with the signal loss along the length of the cable you would only achieve 2 bars so there would be no pioint in installing the antenna – this is why we make it clear it is to be used in situations where you have a much better signal outdoors than indoors where your router is located.


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